W8E Building

Department of Computer Science

Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1 Oookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8552, Japan
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Graduate Program

Principles of the Department

The objectives of our department are to produce cutting-edge research in important areas in building highly advanced computing systems and to provide students with education and resources necessary to become leading engineers or researchers. Our research and education cover significant areas in computer hardware, computer software, artificial intelligence, pattern information processing and human interface.

Research Topics

Our research topics include: Computer Architectures, Dependable Systems, Distributed Systems, Programming Languages, Software Generators, Software Engineering, Theoretical Computer Science, Data Engineering, Inductive Symbol Processing, Speech Information Processing, Computer Graphics, Statistical Pattern Processing, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, Ubiquitous Computing, Knowledge Discovery, Bioinformatics, Archaeological Prospecting, etc.

Education and Curriculum

Our course include advanced topics on: Computer Architectures, Fault Tolerant Systems, Coding Theory, Autonomous Decentralized System, Data Engineering, Operating Systems, Logic and Software, Concurrent System Theory, Software Engineering, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Machine Inference, Computer Graphics, Speech Information Processing, Pattern Information Processing, Human Interfaces, Information Security, etc.

Programs for International Students