5th Semester

* Family names are in capitals.
Course Algebraic System and Coding Theory
Semester 5th Credit 2--1--0
Lecturer UYEMATSU Tomohiko, SAKANIWA Kohichi

Fundamentals of error correcting codes.
Main topics:
(i) algebraic system such as groups, rings and finite
linear algebra over the finite field, and
iii) encoding and decoding of important and simple families of codes,
such as Hamming codes, Reed-Solomon codes,
and BCH codes.



Course Discrete Structures and Algorithms
Semester 5th Credit 2--1--0

UENO Shuichi, TAKAHASHI Atsushi


Introduction to the theory of graphs and algorithms; basic concepts of
graphs, design and analysis of algorithms, and computational complexity.



Course Computer Architecture I
Semester 5th Credit 2--0--0

SUZUKI Hiroshi, KISE Kenji


I This lecture, mainly for students belonging to the computer science
department, presents fundamental aspects of computer architecture.
Pre-requisite: Computer Logic Design,

II Instruction Set, Operands, Addressing Mode, Exceptions (Interrupts),
Channel Processors ( I/O Processors), Interconnection Network and
Protocols, Memory Systems, Memory Hierarchy, Caches, Virtual Memory,
Memory Protection



Course Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Semester 5th Credit 2--0--0
Lecturer OKUMURA Manabu , SHINODA Koichi

I. To learn the goal and methodology of artificial intelligence and
its applications
II. History of artificial intelligence, Problem solving (Search and
Game), Knowledge and reasoning(Agent approach, Predicate logic,
Forward and backward reasoning, Theorem proving, Knowledge
representation, Frame, Semantic network)



Course Compiler Construction
Semester 5th Credit 2--0--0

TOKUDA Takehiro


We discuss fundamental concepts and algorithms for constructing typical compilers.
Topics include the structure of a simple compiler, lexical analysis, syntax analysis, translation, and methods for automatic generation.



Course Programming III
Semester 5th Credit 2--0--0

SATO Taisuke, GONDOW Katsuhiko


Students learn introductions to system programming by C
and objected oriented programming by Java respectively,
together with basics of concurrent programming.



Course Foundations of Functional Analysis
Semester 5th Credit 2--0--0



Concepts of Functional Analysis such as Linear Space and Operators are
lectured for their application to Signal, Image Processing and Pattern



Course Integrated Circuit Design
Semester 5th Credit 2--0--0

ISSHIKI Tsuyoshi, KUNIEDA Hiroaki


Fundamental characteristics of linear LCR circuits and the methods for analyzing their stationary response will be provided. Lecture topics: linear circuits, circuit elements, phasor representation of sinusoidal ac current, impedance, admittance, resonant circuits, transformers, circuit equations, characteristics of linear circuits, 2-port circuit parameters.



Course Computer Science Summer Project
Semester 5th Credit 0--0--2

ISSHIKI Tsuyoshi


This class encourages students to actively participate in
research projects related to computer science and computer engineering.
Potential participants are first required to submit their research proposals,
and when accepted, will join the laboratory related to their topic for
one month during summer where they will acquire the necessary skills and
strengthen their creativity to accomplish their project. Upon completion of the
projects, the students will each give an oral presentation.



Course Linear Circuit Theory
Semester 5th Credit 2--0--0

TAKAGI Shigetaka


I This course focuses on time-domain and frequency-domain analyses of linear circuits.
The course is provided for students who have taken ``Foundations of Electrical Circuits."
II Differntial equations for linear circuits and their responses, analysis by Laplace transform and network functions,
1-port networks, 2-port networks.



Course Digital Communications
Semester 5th Credit 2--0--0

SUZUKI Hiroshi, HATORI Yoshinori


I. This lecture on the modulation techniques utilized in digital
communication systems is prepared for students in the computer science
department. Pre-requisite: Fourier and Laplace Transform, Probability
Theory and Statistics, Communication Theory
II. Main topics of the lecture are outline of digital communication
systems, amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase modulation,
pulse code modulation, and digital modulation.



Course Signal Processing
Semester 5th Credit 2--0--0

FUKAWA Kazuhiko


I. The lecture focuses on basic concepts of the signal processing
such as time- and frequency-domain representation of discrete-time signals
and systems,
the sampling theorem, and design techniques of digital filters.
Students who wish to attend it are recommended to pass the lecture of the
Fourier and Laplace transforms.
II. discrete-time signals and systems, discrete Fourier transform, sampling,
interpolation, digital filter, adaptive processing, signal processor



Course Experiments on Computer Science (III)
Semester 5th Credit 0--0--3



I. To study fundamentals of computer architecture and to do IC Design by developing computer systems on
FPGA board. All students are requested to realize each own machine by use of popular CAD (computer aided design)


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