2nd Semester

* Family names are in capitals.
Course Foundations of Computer Science
Semester 2nd Credit 2--0--0
Lecturer UENO Shuichi, NAKAJIMA Masayuki , SATO Taisuke,
ITOH Toshiya, TAKAHASHI Atsushi
Outline Introduction to the mathematical foundations of computer science; sets,
maps, relations, logic, recurrences, graphs, and algorithms.



Course Applied Vector Analysis
Semester 2nd Credit 2--0--0
Lecturer ARAI Shigehisa , HISHIKATA Atsuhiro , ANDO Makoto , FURUYA Kazuhito, TSUTSUI Kazuo

<I> Mathematical treatment of vector operators are explained in detail. These are used to derive the Laplace's and Poisson's equations in static electricity and magnetism.
Electromagnetism, which was introduced conceptually in the high school curriculum, are reinforced mathematically as the base for the advanced engineering.

<II>Key words: Vector algebra such as addition, subtraction, scalar product and vector product. Vectors in cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems. Vector coordinate
transformation. Vector differenciation and integration. Gradient of scalar function, divergence and curl of vector field. Vetor fields in electromagnetism. Laplace's and Poisson's equations.


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