1st Semester

* Family names are in capitals.
Course Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science, and Control Engineering
Semester 1st Credit 2--0--0
Lecturer SAKANIWA Kohichi, YAMAOKA Katsunori, TAKAHASHI Koji,
MIZUTA Hiroshi, MIYAMOTO Yasuyuki, ISSHIKI Tsuyosi, GONDOU Katsuhiko,
MURATA Hidekazu, SHINODA Koichi, SUGIYAMA Masashi, NAKAGAWA Shigeki ,
Outline This course is opened for encouraging newcomers in their independent
and strongly-motivated studies on the university, by opening their
eyes widely to the relation between each engineering fields such as
electric, information, and control, and, academic, industry, and
moreover society, and to an awareness of the problems and deeply

For that reason, this course includes various curriculums such as a
topics lecture of each research field by professor, moral lecture of
engineers, debate by students themselves, and visiting a laboratory
for an interview.

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